The CASIDE Project: Investigating Investigating Cooperative Applications in Situated Display Environments

Last Update: 24 September 2007

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This page provides links to various bits of hardware we either have or are considering to use in the CASIDE project! As we are still only in the starting stages of the project, do expect this page to grow in time.

  • A lot of the user interaction takes place through interactive displays with touch sensors The Lilliput 7" and 8" displays are examples of the popular smaller size touchscreens, being extremely popular with car modificatrion enthusiasts. Slim and elegant, they are perfect for applications where size matters. They are being considered as candidates for the second deployment of the Hermes system, where higher-end systems will be used. For more information on Hermes please follow the other links found on this page. You can also visit the Lilliput website for further information on these displays.

Here are a couple pictures of the 7 inch--


--and the 8 inch models.


  • The Philips 15" DesXScape Smart Display is another of the touchscreens we are using. It also comes with WiFi access and a thin Remote Desktop client, which allows for wireless connection with a desktop computer. At the moment it is being utilised as a public situated display inside a wooden frame (insert piccie) as a Public Photo Sharing Display. Check the links in the Hermes section of the site for some videos of this display.

The Philips DesXScape 150DM Smart Display:

...and here it is as mounted in our wooden frame:

  • Another example of a wireless touchscreen comes in the system available from Sony, called LocationFree TV. It comes in two different versions; you can choose between the 7" or 12.1" touch screens, each suitable to different needs and covering a slightly different range of applications. Such a system seems ideal for the home environment, and could well be incorporated in some of the later stages of the CASIDE project.

Looks pretty good too:

  • The TabletPC is another type of system we are looking into. Combining portability with extended input capabilities(via the touchscreen) helps improve user interaction and these could well prove to be the next standard in laptops and notebooks.

    Here is an example of a Tablet PC: the Toshiba Portege M200.

And the HP TC1000:


Tablet PC Links:

  • There is a pretty comprehensive list of models provided by Microsoft here.
  • TabletPCBuzz -- A good site for general information and news about Tablet PCs.
  • The Linux Wacom Project Theory of operation for the Wacom Tablet PC digitizers.
  • The Linux Wacom Project How-To on configuring X in Linux.
  • TuxMobil have an overview of Linux installations on Tablet PCs, etc. from where you can get links to HOW-TOs, and guides.


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